Minimizing a ledge

I’m assembling photos for the new NICA coaching manual, and I found this gem from an MMBSii shoot with Yosei Ikeda.

If you rock a clinic with me, I will beat this skill into your soul.

Basically: If your front end is about to drop, don’t wait for it to pull you down — PUSH IT DOWN!

Of note:

– Approach in a very low attack position. The taller the ledge, the lower you have to be. Short stems give you more arm range.

– As front wheel starts to roll off, push the bars down aggressively.

– Stay on your feet the whole time. Light hands baby! That’s a bit tricky.

– The drop is about 20 inches tall. My head only dropped about six inches.

Try this trick on Porcupine Rim in Moab, or employ it on your own ledgy trail. Tell us how it goes.


— Lee

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  1. Jon says:

    Maybe this question shows how dumb I am, or maybe it just shows the type of riding I like, but why would you not pull up at that ledge? If I rode up to that, I would manual that and just drop off. I guess on a trail there are times when you want both tires on the ground for control but it seems smoother and more fun my way. BTW, love the site and all your advice!

    – Jon

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Depends on the ledge.

    For something this height or lower, I’ll probably push in. If there’s any backside to pump, I’ll definitely push in.

    If the ledge is too high to roll, or the landing is rough, or I need to fly over something, I’ll let fly.

    Either way still gets a braaap!

  3. Farid says:

    Awesome photo! Your front & rear wheel…sick!

    Manual or Drop:
    The photo is great from a beginners standpoint. As long as you stay in the attack position and centered over the BB you can roll off a 20 inch drop with going OTB.

    Thanks to Lee…now if the ledge is to high…I let it fly!!!

  4. Chris Cowan says:

    We have a ton of stuff like that here in Phoenix where the setup is just not quite there to manual and launch the drop. So this move is the next best thing you can do.

  5. Aaron says:

    Hmm… that’s a big drop to roll off! If it wasn’t for the single ring + rollermajig I’m pretty sure he’d leave some teeth marks on the concrete. Probably both sets too.
    The technique is fantastic but for that size – definately hit at jogging pace and loft the front slightly.
    I have a techniques page I’ll link this too – credit the place I found it rather than just nab the photo.

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    A 44t on the would probably catch. A 44t on a Stumpy — much longer wheelbase and high bb — does not.

    The smoothest/slickest way to ride off this ledge is to go pretty fast, get super low then extend into the landing. You don’t have to wheelie, manual or anything. But you can if you want to!

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