Minimizing a ledge

I’m assembling photos for the new NICA coaching manual, and I found this gem from an MMBSii shoot with Yosei Ikeda.

If you rock a clinic with me, I will beat this skill into your soul.

Basically: If your front end is about to drop, don’t wait for it to pull you down — PUSH IT DOWN!

Of note:

– Approach in a very low attack position. The taller the ledge, the lower you have to be. Short stems give you more arm range.

– As front wheel starts to roll off, push the bars down aggressively.

– Stay on your feet the whole time. Light hands baby! That’s a bit tricky.

– The drop is about 20 inches tall. My head only dropped about six inches.

Try this trick on Porcupine Rim in Moab, or employ it on your own ledgy trail. Tell us how it goes.


— Lee

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