Taking the same LLB skills class twice in a row?

Hi Lee,

When you offer 2 days of instruction at a remote location, Is it the same course each day?  I am thinking of attending the clinic in Amarillo, TX in February and I was wondering, if I attend the second day will I be getting the same instruction that was offered the previous day?
Tim O.


Thank you for reaching out.

In the basic sense, they are the same course. We always teach the same principles, and we follow the same protocols to ensure quality and safety.

In the deep sense, they are different courses. This is because we always teach to the students we have, and we always elevate each student to his/her next level. On the two days you’ll be two different riders, so we’ll be able to teach you a lot more deeply on the second day.

Some of the best rides I know take multiple classes over weekends, weeks and years. Each time you’re more ready to learn, and the improvements are more profound.

Example A: On day 1 we get your core cornering dialed in. On day 2 we teach you how to pump turns.

Example B: On day 1 we get your rip/row pumping patterns round and powerful. On day 2 we turn that into a high, clean bunny hop.

Example C: On day 1 we get you cornering and pumping separately. On day 2 your cornering and pumping overlap — and you’re cornering so heavily that you’re hopping between turns. Boom. At this moment you know true shred.

Amy Shenton (check her out at #djamyapplesauce) has taken five Level 1 classes. Each time she takes her fundamentals deeper, and she has gotten very, very good.

Go Amy!

I encourage everyone to take at least one of our MTB skills classes. You’ll experience major improvements very quickly. When you take another class, you’ll enjoy even more improvement.

Make sense?


Know more. Have more fun!

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