Super D training 101

What is the best way to train for super D, I have switched from DH. Don’t worry, I am old and fat so I won’t use your secrets aginst you… not yet anyway! LOL

Hey John,

Great question. I’m planning a detailed ebook on this very subject, but here’s the quick answer:

Endurance: Ride lots of XC. At least 60 minutes per ride. It’s no accident that the XC guys kill the DH guys on pedally courses.

Speed: Practice riding as fast as you freaking can. Find a few pedally descents — 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes — and PIN IT!!!

Starts: Work on sprinting and mounting your bike.

Tactics: Ride with some fast buddies, and pass those pukes every chance you get. Never follow. Be ruthless.

If you can blend XC endurance with DH skills and 4X aggression, you’ll do great.

I’ve still got a few secrets — and I WILL use them against you! 🙂

— Lee

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