Stumpy for big, aggressive guy?

Hi Lee

Quite a while back I asked you about a bike for my bro who is 6’5 and 220 lbs. You reccomended an Enduro. Thing is we just located a used XL 05 Stumpy FSR Expert that is like brand new. My question is: will a 220 lb rider (fit not fat) who really charges sort of overload a Fox Septune rear shock and trailbike components?

May the BRAAAP be with you.


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Hey Mike,

Your bro should be fine on the Stumpy. You can ride amazing fast/hard on a modern trail bike. When your bro destroys the rear wheel, have him replace the XC rim with a DH rim, and he’ll be rocking.

ALSO: Make sure the suspension is dialed. This is where a quality bike shop comes in.

May the BRAAAP be with you as well.

— Lee

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