Specialized Fuse instead of a Stumpjumper hardtail?

Hey lee

and thanks for your homepage and your enthusiastic cycling world 🙂

I ride stumpjumper evo ht at the moment and are considering buying the fuse 6fattie pro but im having doubt about the wheels and tires and the weight.

I ride all kind flat gravel, singletrack, xc and trips with my kids in a troller so i need a bike for everything 🙂

Do you think it will to heavy ?? And how does the fuse pro handling climbing ??

I live in a very small mtb country and the fuse is no where to found so i have to order it overseas in the United Kingdom.

Best regards Rasmus from denmark

Happy Trails !


Thanks for writing.

I have both a dialed S-Works Stumpjumper hardtail and a sweet Fuse plus hardtail, and I like to think I’ve ridden both pretty well in a lot of situations.

The mighty Stumpy currently has a 50mm stem and 34C cyclocross tires. It’s a rocket at the bike park, on trails and on the road.

My 2016 Fuse Pro is customized with a FOX 34 fork, Shimano XT brakes and Roval carbon wheels. It’s heavier than stock — and it shreds DH! — but it feels great uphill.

Given parts of similar quality/price, the Fuse will be heavier than the Stumpy. My Fuse is a couple pounds heavier than my Stumpy, but — this is crazy — it feels better under pedaling power. Maybe because there’s less flex in the frame and wheels? I don’t know, but I’m not worrying about it. I believe good pedaling technique and smart training are more beneficial than a light bike.

Plus hardtails like the Fuse climb great! Especially when the surface is loose and/or bumpy. Also crazy: I rode my Fuse to a personal record on my neighborhood road climb (about 1,500 vertical feet in 30something minutes). This time was faster than the Stumpy and even my cyclocross bike. Not that the Fuse is faster uphill than a lighter bike … but it isn’t slow.

If you want to, you can put 29er wheels on your Fuse! This will make it accelerate and roll like your Stumpy. I have a carbon 29er wheelset for the Fuse but do you know what? I haven’t bothered to install it. I really love the Fuse, and I ride it whenever my wife lets me (she took it over).

I am currently consolidating my bike fleet for purposes of utility and cash flow. The next bike I’ll sell is the Stumpy (which I love). But never the Fuse!


Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. rasmus says:

    hey lee

    and thanks for the feedback you have make me a bit more fuse fan 🙂

    I think you made a really good upgrade on the wheelset. The one you have is 1700 grams the standard on the fuse pro is 2200 !!

    my current wheelset is 3800 gramfor the pair with wtb vigalante 2.3 the wheelset on the fuse pro will be 4200 gram. Maybe i will never notice because of the better grip like you have pointed…


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