Like a red thread

Lee, I only flew over the “Riding over things kung fu master style” lessons in your online mountain bike school, but I like how your Push-Pull philosophy just goes through all your lessons like a red thread. Due to this I have spent a lot of time getting stronger off the bike, to get this hip drive movement in. I’m not quite there yet to consistently use this movement while on the bike, but it is definitely a motivation to see how it all hangs together in the end.


That’s great. I’m glad you see how all riding skills are tied together — with a red thread as you say.

The way I see understand and teach riding skills, they are built on some simple, universal movements:

1) Hip hinge and drive.

2) Upper body pull and push.

3) Combinations of the above, with some rotation from time to time.

As you dial in these movements — first off then on the bike — your riding evolves from fun to FUN!

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