Does the LLB online MTB school really work?

Hi Lee
Just wanted to really know, will this actually work. (No disrespect intended)
I mean with no coach physically watching, how will I know if I am doing something wrong?
Willy H
New Zealand


I appreciate you reaching out.

Yes it works! Riders all over the world are getting better, winning races and having more fun.

On the LLB online MTB school you can ask questions and post links to videos of you in the comments sections of each lesson. I’ll answer your questions and give you feedback. These replies will be publicly viewable. It’s like being in a public group class. $19/month or $199/year. Go to >>>

With my remote coaching program you can get much more detailed feedback, and it’s private. This includes annotated images of you riding, custom graphics and whatever it takes for me to get my point across. It’s like being in a private 1:1 class. Each lesson ranges from $50 to $99 depending on how many lessons you get. Learn about LLB remote coaching >>>

A lot of people use the online school to access the lessons and get basic feedback. Some use the remote coaching program to get specific goals and more detailed personal guidance. Both programs are working. You can cancel the online school any time, and you get get unused remote lessons refunded (although no one has asked for that).

I hope that helps. Please give it a try! Feel free to ask questions!


Know more. Have more fun!

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