Small DH bikes for big people?

Hey Lee, I am six feet tall and have been running large dh bikes for years. Would a medim be too small? I do come from a BMX background and like to flick the bike when possible. I was wondering if the smaller bike would be more unstable at speeds?

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Hi Don,

Quite a few 6-foot-something downhillers run medium and even small frames. A short bike is theoretically less stable than a long one, but modern DH rigs are dialed in every size. The shorter bike is certainly more flickable, and that’s what the riders seem to dig.

6-foot Curtis Keene flicks a small V10 through Schleyer at Whistler.

Dr. Keene railing a very-high-speed berm on A Line.

Jeff Bryson boosts a small SX Trail, which he rips all over Whistler.

5-8ish Brandon Sloan, Specialized product manager, runs small DH bikes. He can run any size he wants …

I’m 5-9, and I run a medium DH bike. Why? Because it’s a closer match my Enduro, and I’ve been riding a medium DH bike forever. But I spend a lot of time on a small P.3 … maybe it’s time to shorten the DH bike?

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