Jump Jam at Jimmy and Tammy’s

Yesterday was a grand day to like bikes. We had sculpted jumps, perfect weather and a fun, supportive crew.

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Tammy and Jimmy fit a whole lot of love into a small space.

A Line: Pedal from across the street, roll a mini ramp onto the sidewalk, pump a roller across the front yard then braaap, braaaaaap, braaaaaaaaaaap three lippy doubles into the back yard. Finish against a steep berm or a big wall ride. If you feel like it, pop a little love off the quarter pipe.

B Line: Crank across the driveway, pop a little table, boost a mini double then fold into a tasty berm.

A high-amplitude alternative to horseshoes. You don’t need a ton of space to build a few sweet jumps. Special thanks to Alabama Nancy for shooting photos.

It took me a while to man up for this set, but once I got in there it was SO SWEET! The next door neighbor and his daughter are fully supportive.

Jimmy boosts the transfer like he owns the place. Mia is fully supportive.


Oh yeah, there’s a quarter pipe.

Mike and Nick take the A train.

Nick with his muddy-poopy tires.

Nick pulls Gs on B Line.

Cool people, bikes, jumps … what a sweet day. Thanks Jimmy! Thanks Tammy!

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