Small-bike tricks on big bike?

hey if i master a trick on a smaller bike, say a dirt jumper , will i be able to do the same trick on a long travel full suspension bike?

Probably, but it’ll take more effort. It’s a bigger, heavier bike, plus you lose some energy to the suspension.

Give ‘er!

— Lee

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  1. Trevor says:

    I can 360 my bmx with ease, over both little and big jumps, but i cant get near on my DH bike (vp-free which is not all that long or heavy)

    It takes so much more to energy to pump and pop and DH bike with the suspension fighting you all the way even if you are good a pumping and jumping

    stick to a little bike for tricks, just master style on a big bike so u can whip it out for the camera on the big jumps when racing

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