Skills with Team HoneyStinger pro XC racer Tammy Sadle

It’s always fun to teach a strong, experienced rider a whole new way of riding.

With LLB kung fu, riding is safer, smoother, faster — and more fun!

After one skills session, pro XC racer Tammy Sadle is already riding at a whole new level.

When you learn how to corner correctly, it feels like you’re on rails.

Rallying the pump track. When a strong pedaler learns to pump terrain, she gets a new choice: 1) Go the same speed with less effort or 2) go even faster with the same effort!

– – –

From Tammy:


Our 1:1 session was incredible and my core was sore this morning — good sign!”

and a day later:

“Lee, great news!

I totally shredded Devils Backbone Saturday (compared to my usual) and my riding buddies commented on my riding improvements. YES!”

– – –

Right on Tammy! I look forward to our next session.


Safety, confidence, fun: Take an LLB skills clinic!

Know more. Have more fun!

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