Helping a shredder shred even better (and safer)

After only two years on the bike, Amy Dick is already one of more accomplished riders at Valmont Bike Park. She’s hitting all the big lines, but she’s smart enough to take a step back and start mastering the core skills.

Yesterday I was stoked to teach her the underlying kung fu — and on her birthday to boot!

Photos by LLB coach in training Kevin Stiffler.

Some LLB MTB kung fu theory.

Up close and personal with the right/left transition.

Low and balanced = check.


Says Amy:

“Thank you so much for the awesome lesson! I learned so many things and have so many new things to practice! I feel so much more comfortable on my bike already! I can’t wait for our next session together!”

You’re very welcome Amy! When the Level 1 skills start to feel automatic, we’ll add Level 2!


Safety, confidence, fun: Take an LLB skills clinic!

Know more. Have more fun!

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