Skills clinics at the Ranchstyle event

Stoked: I’ll be teaching a clinic at the Ranchstyle event in Grand Junction, CO on Friday, April 23.

This is a great chance to learn some new bike fu — and ride some sweet private terrain.

Come on out!

A full day of riding skills, drills, ripping and general kung fu

“The Ranch” in Grand Junction, CO. The venue for the 3rd annual Ranchstyle event has all sorts of fun terrain: pump track, dual slalom, trails, jumps, the whole deal.

Friday, April 23

With whom
With me, Lee McCormack. I am a leading expert on bike riding skills. I wrote the books Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and Pro BMX Skills. I teach riders of all styles and levels. My site,, is visited by more than 30,000 riders monthly.

This isn’t just a ride-with-a-bro-pro-be-cool session. This is a real-deal clinic backed up by a sequential curriculum and an experienced rider and trained communicator. Learn more about my teaching philosophy at

What you’ll learn
We’ll start with core skills — position, braking, cornering, pump, etc. — then apply them on The Ranch’s awesome terrain. Dual slalom, pump track, jumps … the Ranch has it all. You will improve your balance, control and confidence (and speed!) in all riding situations.

No matter how good you are on a bike, you will learn a lot. You will rip. You will be stoked!!!

You don’t have to participate in the Ranchstyle to rock the clinic. Come on out, learn some stuff, ride fun terrain and watch the pros rip.

Rough schedule
Noon to 3 p.m. – Skills and drills. Answer your questions. Get you dialed.

[lunch break]

4 p.m. until we run out of energy/light – Apply the skills on Ranch terrain. Slalom, pump track, jumps, it’s all there.

I will tweak the class to suit the riders. If you want to do something, and you have the skills, let’s rock it! Gate starts, drops, whatever.

This is going to be super fun.

Come prepared
Bring your favorite bike(s).
Bring tools, snacks and drinks and clothes for any condition.
Bring your “yes” mentality. That is the KEY to ripping.
Be in good shape. This will be mentally and physically intense!

$99 per rider
6 riders minimum, 12 riders maximum
*30% of the fee goes toward the pro purses

– Copy of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition (will be mailed to you when it’s printed in May)
– Core skills handout
– Good times

Sign up
You’ll sign up for the clinic through the main event registration. The Ranchstyle folks are working on that; I’ll post registration info and event details as soon as they’re ready.

To let me know you’re coming or ask questions, email me at or leave a comment below.

Get current Ranchstyle info at


Know more. Have more fun!

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