Skills + adjustable seatpost = click!

Here’s a success story from one of last summer’s coaching clients. Jeff came from Kansas lookin’ for some braaap.

He found it.


I don’t know what percent of your clients come from the mountainous state of Kansas but I assume that number is low. That being said I will describe myself as the casual Cat 2 XC rider from Kansas you tried to work with last summer in Lyons, CO.

I just wanted to let you know that things finally clicked today. I knew what I was supposed to do with my body but just couldn’t quite do it. My weight was just a little too far forward because my seat, in full XC position, was always in the way enough to make me move forward.

I knew in my head I was too far forward and still not leaning the bike enought but what else could I do? I pulled the trigger on getting a Hilo and now I can’t stop pulling the trigger. Now my weight is in the pedals (not slightly in front), dropping my heals, getting low, and turning my hips just feels right.

“Rip it!” was just a cool phrase, now it is a feeling. Tearing through a corner with dirt and rock pelting your outside leg, dust flying like a skier sending snow into the atmosphere, now that feels good!

Being an XC type I went ahead and installed the remote. Drop the seat, shred the corner, from attack to standing acceleration 2 or 3 revolutions, hit the remote and the seat is back to meet you and keep rollin’. So, short story long … thanks for the lesson and advising the adjustable seatpost.


Right on Jeff!

I’m stoked to hear everything clicked. Riding is fun. Riding (capital R) is FUN!!!

You can learn to braaap with your seat at full height, but it’s easier with the seat out of the way.

Prediction: Once you learn to move with the seat down, you’ll find you can move more freely with the seat up. When I was racing open Super D, stuff was happening so fast I would often forget to lower my seat. The braaap was still there.

Have I said braaap?

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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