Skate park madness No. 2

Last week I took a bunch of monkeys to the Woodward skate park in Lakewood, CO. — and it was extra-double-fun. It’s so non-linear and playful, everything we do is a treat.

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Photos by Dylan Patterson. Thanks Dylan!

Some of the dudes: Tim, Joey, Rudy, Evan

Pumping this bowl is SO fun. Evan and I train … but the caboose is coming unhooked.

Droppy-drop-in action. This is a far cry from Socal-triathlon-Speedo action.

The big halfpipe is pretty big!

Dropping in is a big deal, with or without your bike. Rudy.

Yeah Rudy!

Every time I see the top of the coping, every alarm in my body screams: ALERT ALERT!!! But it’s awesome.

“Blah, blah, blah …”

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