Skate park madness No. 2

Last week I took a bunch of monkeys to the Woodward skate park in Lakewood, CO. — and it was extra-double-fun. It’s so non-linear and playful, everything we do is a treat.

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Photos by Dylan Patterson. Thanks Dylan!

Some of the dudes: Tim, Joey, Rudy, Evan

Pumping this bowl is SO fun. Evan and I train … but the caboose is coming unhooked.

Droppy-drop-in action. This is a far cry from Socal-triathlon-Speedo action.

The big halfpipe is pretty big!

Dropping in is a big deal, with or without your bike. Rudy.

Yeah Rudy!

Every time I see the top of the coping, every alarm in my body screams: ALERT ALERT!!! But it’s awesome.

“Blah, blah, blah …”

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  1. matt says:

    i wish there was some group like yours that takes kids like me out and teaches use how to ride and at least get to ride

  2. Dale says:

    What Matt says is pretty common I guess. I find it frustrating that there’s kids out there that would like to get some opportunities to ride at bmx tracks, skate parks, dirt jump trails, pump tracks, etc. yet for whatever reason they don’t get the chance. I know how it is being a biker kid of a non-biker parent with a full-time job. I see it all the time here in my town and that’s why I always try to take at least one of son’s friends with us (I drive an ultra dinky car…limited space). I would hope that other Dad’s or Mom’s out there reading your site would be doing the same. To Matt…sometimes you just have to make do with what you have…like build some dirt jumps or ramps in your yard or another spot (with permission of course). You’d be amazed at how creative you can get with a shovel or scrap wood.

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    You guys rule.

    My parents bought my first bike, a Schwinn Stingray that I tricked out until I left it outside and it got stolen. From there I was on my own. I literally prayed for the Diamondback BMX at the local shop, the one with chrome frame and red ano parts. I came home from school expecting to be in the garage, such was my faith at the time.

    I wound up mowing lawns and buying a Murray.

    10 years later, I bought a sick Diamonback Apex at the same shop.

    My parents never supported athletics. That bums me out sometimes, but I think that created the fire within me. How fitting that I now provide the experiences I so longed for.

    Yeah. BRAAAP!

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