Single speed street/DJ gear?

Hey Lee,
I was wondering what you thought a good street riding/DJ’ing gear would be so that i have enough torque, and length so that i wont spin out super fast. Currently i run a 32-15. what are your thoughts?
Thanks, Greg

Hey Greg,

Your ideal gear balances your low-end torque and your high-end spin.

Here are some common gear combos:

15t 16t 17t
32t 2.13 2.00
34t 2.13 2.00

Yep. most single speed DJ bikes come with either a 1:2 or 1:2.13 gear ratio.

– A Specialized P.1 runs a 34t/16t. 1:2.13

– A Giant STP rolls a 32t/16t. 1:2

Your 32t/15t puts you on the higher end of that gear range. If your gear feels too hard at low speeds, you can bump up to a 16t cog — or you can get stronger.

Back in the day when Francisco Moser set the hour record, a reporter asked him whether he spinned an easy gear or pushed a hard gear. He said: “I spin a hard gear.”

Build torque. Learn to spin.

— Lee

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