Sea Otter pro pump track – Design 1.0

Just sent the draft Sea Otter pro-only pump track design in for review.

Imagine taking one lap to gain speed, then crossing the timing wands:

Hook a roller then double, double
Land in a 100-degree left — pump it! — then
Double two rollers, jump onto a camel hump, hop off the camel and
Land in a steep 180. Pull as many Gs as you dare but get ready:
Manual two rollers to a 90-roller-90-roller-90-roller (lateral pump!) then
Dive into a 70-degree berm that becomes a hip
Fly low and sweet, rotating 40 degrees in the air, and land in
A backside that becomes a 60-degree berm — braaap! —
And brings you back to that roller

Thanks to everyone for their help, especially Nick and Zach.

I’m still recruiting diggers. We’ll be building/riding the weekend before Sea Otter. If you’re interested in making a few bucks and ripping a fun track — only a handful of people will get the opportunity — post a comment or email me:


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