Sea Otter pro pump track – Design 1.0

Just sent the draft Sea Otter pro-only pump track design in for review.

Imagine taking one lap to gain speed, then crossing the timing wands:

Hook a roller then double, double
Land in a 100-degree left — pump it! — then
Double two rollers, jump onto a camel hump, hop off the camel and
Land in a steep 180. Pull as many Gs as you dare but get ready:
Manual two rollers to a 90-roller-90-roller-90-roller (lateral pump!) then
Dive into a 70-degree berm that becomes a hip
Fly low and sweet, rotating 40 degrees in the air, and land in
A backside that becomes a 60-degree berm — braaap! —
And brings you back to that roller

Thanks to everyone for their help, especially Nick and Zach.

I’m still recruiting diggers. We’ll be building/riding the weekend before Sea Otter. If you’re interested in making a few bucks and ripping a fun track — only a handful of people will get the opportunity — post a comment or email me:


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  1. jezza says:

    looks wicked – makes me want to build a pump track in my yard – too bad my landlord won’t let me 🙁

  2. areitz says:

    Is this intended to be run in only one direction? Most riders rip better in one direction than the other (dominant). Or would that be a non-issue with pro riders?

  3. aussie chris says:

    I bet the top two steps on the podium will be Lopes and Fairclough. Maybe Graves if he races.

    I like that long rhythm section – it will be nice to see rides mix it up.

    Pump track races will be the Next Big Thing in MTB, crowds and sponsors and TV will love it. Its like the tennis of cycling – it all happens in a small area. I know they are organising one for Mont St Anne World’s.

    I think head-to-head PT will have to be developed somehow – mirror image tracks? Pursuit?

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    It is so cool to see pump tracks flourishing at all levels: back yards, city parks, elite races …

    I think pursuit is the coolest. I was planning a pursuit for Sea Otter, but pro PT is right before pro DS. Bummer! Those guys won’t want to burn themselves out. So we’ll probably do a rolling start and two timed laps.

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