The ultimate pro pump track?

I got hired to design/build the pro-only pump track at Sea Otter!

Stoked! This track is for top pro riders only. They’ll do a time trial for $$$.

I have some ideas, but I’m curious:

What features do you think this track should have?

Also: I’ll need help building/riding the weekend before Sea Otter. I pay cash. Who’s interested?

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  1. Bruce says:

    Sounds like fun. I would love to help. I think I have a buddy who would be in as well. Both experienced. Where do we sign up???

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Awesome. Sign up here. I’ll email you with details.

    Basically: We’ll start hand shaping Saturday, April 10 and we’ll dial it in and ride the heck out of it late Saturday and Sunday.

    $10 an hour for digging time.

  3. beavers says:

    Put in a few step on/step off’s like in supercross. The gnarly dudes will be able to do it all on the rear wheel.

  4. Simcik says:

    Triple…rollers right in front of and behind a S turn, so the really ballsy guys double both turns. 1 very big 180 berm that is oververt that really builds speed and requires full commitment to hold it. give me a call if you want to discuss some other ideas. perhaps sit down and I can draw up a few other things

  5. paul says:

    Over Vertical berms, optional lines. jumps into turns and features that go into or pop out of the ground ie: elavation

  6. Simcik says:

    The track has been scratched into the mud and is official. Lee has an awesome track in mind for those guys, I cant wait to see the pics.

  7. jezza says:

    270 degree bermed corner leading in a gap jump over the berm they just went through – yeeeeeow!

  8. aussie chris says:

    I would definitely make the track a loop with no alternate lines: at the Pump Track Worlds in Canberra I had a devil of a time trying to get the guys to take the inside line on one lap and outside the next. A few made mistakes.

    A ramp was an awesome way to get them going and it also let everyone see who was up next. Plus it was yet another place to put banners.

    Oh yeah, make sure the riders can’t pull the plugs out of the start gate!

  9. aussie chris says:

    Oh yeah, remember that there will be twelve people ripping around the track at practice (unless you are limiting it somehow). Things like 270 berms will mean that riders will have to be wary of other riders instead of pinning it. There were a few close calls in Canberra due to the alternate lines.

    Note too that originally Canberra was going to be about a minute, but the riders wanted only 40 seconds.

  10. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks everyone. Here’s what I’m thinking:

    – One line with no crossover. To facilitate practice.

    – Fast. Because fast is fun.

    – Ridable by someone at my level. We need to have the thing burned in before Hill, Peat and gang start practice.

    – Any good rider can ride it (we gotta burn it in), but a top pro can RIP it.

    – Starting straight has big, smooth rollers to build speed.

    – Big 180 berm. Pull big Gs.

    – Series of linked turns. Get some lateral pump.

    – Some kind of roller-stepup-stepdown-roller sequence. Lots of riding options. Encourages jumping.

    – A new kind of bermless corner with ‘radial’ rollers. You can either pump them as you turn, or you can jump them as a hip. Still working out those details. Should generate some cool turning-in-the-air photos.

  11. Kyle Ebbett says:

    Hi Lee,

    Sounds awesome! I cant wait to shred it.

    Burning in a pro only track should not be a problem. I wouldn’t let that hold you back from making it with gaps and stuff “Pro-only”. There will be plenty of pros and shredders around.

    Things I would like to see.

    – steep doubles that would require real Bubba scrubs.
    – Dirt spine 5′ tall
    – ON/Off made of wood with dirt lip and landing.
    – like Aussie Chris said, a nice roll in to show who is next.

    Cool Beans,


  12. Alex Fowler says:

    hello, i am a local builder in aptos. i have been building for years. i would love the oppertunity to help build at sea otter…feel free to call me for help… 831 239 1702 or email details to ~thank you

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