Sea Otter DH start: Which beep?

Hey Lee,

At the start of the Sea Otter downhill there are 4? short beeps and then one long beep. When does the actual timing of your race run start? Can you go anytime during those beeps or is it after the long beep finishes?


Hey Brian,

As I recall, there are five short beeps then one long beep.

The timer starts at the BEGINNING of the sixth beep. If you wait for the end of that beep, you’re giving up precious time — especially on such a short course.

It’s amazing how few downhillers practice their starts.

Anticipate the beep as if it’s a BMX or 4X cadence. You should be laying down the power at the first hint of capital B.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!

— Lee

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  1. Chris says:

    Sport crossover:

    The Australian sprinter Melinda Gainsford trained with Carl Lewis once and he taught her to break the ‘bang’ sound into the ‘B’, the ‘A’ and the ‘NG’…

    … and go on the ‘B’!

  2. NW DH'er says:

    Races are lost at the start in my opinion. I also have been working hard on ‘maintaining’ tempo all the way down to the line. I just bar up against a tree, count down from 10, and let it fly hoping I get exit speed from all my turns………

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