Riding a Specialized FatBoy: Day 1

A few days ago we got a foot of powder in the backyard. Yay! Freshies!

I grabbed a loaner FatBoy with visions of snowy radness.

The snow melted — but we still have radness.

Bike: Specialized Fatboy with a 1×10 drivetrain, Command Post dropper post and 50mm stem. Thank you Jason Emmanuel for the loaner.

This bike handles like my other Specializeds, which is a good thing. Compared the Salsa Mukluk I rode, the FatBoy feels lighter, quicker and more normal.

Ride: Backyard funny business. Aside from the pump track, most of the yard has proven too steep and loose for regular bikes. The FatBoy, with its huge traction, promises to open up some very local riding opportunities.

Rider: Coach Kevin Stiffler.

Full commitment. Your brain says you can’t carve this steep, off camber, loose turn. The FatBoy says “let’s do it!”

Hmm, can I make this angle? Kevin can make the angle, but that huge tire would be in his business. So …

Might as well fly. The flatter trajectory means less tire in the business. Kevin stuck the landing and let the bike deal with the steep, loose aftermath.

Next: I have the FatBoy all week. I hope to explore some snowy trails and understand what this bike can do.

Have fun out there,


Know more. Have more fun!

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