Rich Houseman’s 4X tire choice?

I’ve noticed in your articles about the Yeti-FOX Racing Factory Team you mention that the team prefers high rollers up front and larsens in the rear for 4x and dual.
I favor the 2.35 minions for their turning ability but feel they are a bit heavy and have too much rolling resistance on some courses. So my question is what size high rollers and larsens do jared graves and rich housemen run? That setup in a 2.1 seems like it would be really sweet. light and fast.
Thank you.

Hi Christopher,

Rich Houseman says:

“I run a 2.35 High roller at about 38-39 lbs … sometimes higher.
Super Tacky”

When Rich rides, he rides very hard. The extra weight/resistance of a tacky 2.35 over a hard 2.1 might feel noticeable in a parking lot, but when you’re sprinting full out, the difference is almost negligible (a couple percent max). But on loose ground and flat corners, the tacky 2.35 will allow MUCH greater speed (perhaps 10 percent or more).

The race goes from line to line. Choose tires that work the whole way.

When in doubt, say BRAAAP!

— Lee