Photos: Lory State Park pump track

The bike park is a wild success, with 25-35 riders visiting each non-snowy weekend day. The dream goal was 40 a week, so this is a great sign. Last week a vanload of us went up for a little photo shoot. This track is so rad.

Steve Wentz, Ariel Lindsley and Zach Griffith wind through the Esses.

Entering the Esses. Steve, Zach, Abby Hippely and Tammy Donahue.

Now that the first Snail is packed, you can actually rail it and carry speed into the second. Steve and Zach.

There’s plenty of room for everyone. Steve and Zach rip the Esses while Tammy and Abby rock the outside loop.

Mandatory dork style. I transfer from the Snails to the Esses.

These shots and a story will appear in a trail management book IMBA will publish in 2007.

More about the Corral Center Mountain Bike Park at Lory State Park in Ft. Collins, CO:

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