Reconnecting with (and on) the pump track

Ah, it feels great to ride. Yesterday a small crew of us rocked the pump track at The Fix here in Boulder.

Let’s meet the cast, shall we?

Robyn Markland
Robyn is a self-admitted “bike fiend.” He runs, and he’s a well known reptile breeder. He and I are currently working on a new business; he came to Boulder for a meeting and — you know — pump tracks are the new golf.

Judy Freeman
Judy is a pro XC racer, ex co-worker and one of the first people I ever coached. She is racing the 2009 Tri-Flow XC Indoor Challenge at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park next weekend, so we took some time to dial in her pump. I think, with Judy’s fitness and some general confidence/fluidity, she will kill it. Check out Judy’s blog.

Take a hyper-fit elite racer. Get her ripping the pump track. Watch her RIP race courses.

Check out that cornering form! Judy lowered her seat 5/8 inch (the leelikesbikes international Super D standard) to give her some wiggle room at Ray’s.

Nick Simcik
Nick is your general-purpose badass. A former ski racer and extremely talented bike rider. He’s young, he’s strong, and his riding style contains not a hint of apology. Actually, Nick was another of my early pupils (not that I can take any credit!). Nick’s style and amplitude have made him a staple in the Mountain Flyer photo pages.

When you boil them down, skiing and bike riding are identical. Nick rips the kind of transition he’s done a thousand times on snow.

Textbook. Must be the helmet.

Jump the double out of the 180 berm … cool.

Me, Lee
Ecstatic to be out with my friends and riding my bike. This was my first pump sesh after the shoulder surgery. I felt a bit tense and off, and the intensity hit me pretty hard, but it was all good.

Yikes! I haven’t gone this fast in months!

Heck yeah, we’re ripping turns next to a suburban parking lot. Pump Tack Nation!

Very fun. Wherever you are, get some!

— Lee

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