Real commitment: Cutting your steerer tube

Hey lee,
Simple question for ya. I am swapping out my 130mm fork (fox TALAS 32) for a 165mm fork (Marz 55 ATA). My question is, would it be better to cut my new steerer tube to the same as my old fork or cut it down to where i dont use any spacers? what would be the advantages/disadvantages of doing that?
Thanks for the great book and great website

Hey Chris,

Most people leave their steerers long and run spacers.

Pros of a longer steerer tube
– You can adjust for different headsets, and you can mess with your stem height. If you have any questions about your front-end setup, leave your steerer long.

– Your fork has more resale value. This is especially important if your frame has a short head tube. If you ever want to sell your fork, leave your steerer long.

Pros of a “perfect” steerer tube
– Your bike looks cleaner without the spacers. To do this, you have to know you have the right stem and headset. Experienced racers usually rock it this way.

– Cutting your steerer to the perfect length tells the world, “This is my fork. I will learn to ride it. I’m not messing around here.”

Note: Your new fork will raise your bars about two inches. You’ll want to get your stem as low as possible, and you might want lower-rise bars.

Leaving your steerer long is like dating it. Cutting it to the perfect length is like marrying it.

Are you ready to commit?

— Lee

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