Enduro SL chain guide and related issues

Hi Lee:

I saw your thread about an Enduro SL with a prototype chain guide. I am considering buying this or the pitch but I have heard chatter about the ISCG mounts being useless and needing an adapter bracket. Is there validity to this? I am trying to stay more on the all mountain side of a big travel bike and stepping to the SX trail is asking for way too much bike. Just need a little direction in my quest for a xc capable AM bike. Thanks in advance!


Hey Nate,

As far as I know, Enduro SLs and Pitches do not have ISCG mounts. The SX Trail has ISCG mounts but, as you say, it’s a whole lot of bike.

Enduro SL with FOX suspension and prototype dual ring sweetness.

The prototype dual ring guide I run on my SL uses a flange mount, and it works just fine. (I’m currently working on the installation manual for that guide, and I think people will dig it.)

– When e.thirteen starts selling its version of the Heim 3Guide, it’s gonna be ON!

If you want an XC-oriented all-mountain ride, rock an Enduro SL or Pitch with a flange-mount chain guide.

Enduro SL vs. Pitch? That’s a matter of riding style and budget. The SL is more efficient than the Pitch. They both descend very well. The SL costs more. The Pitch is analogous to the pre-SL Enduro — in my opinion one of the best bikes ever made.

There are no bad choices here. Get a flange-mount guide.

Here is Jrock’s Enduro SL, referred to in his below comment:

Enduro SL with modified e13 drs

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  1. Zak says:

    All you need is a blackspire stinger that sandwiches between the bb cup and the frame if you’re running a 2 ring bash setup – light, cheap ($30), and simple. In two years I’ve NEVER dropped a chain with this setup.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Great idea. I found one online for less than $25.

    The Heim 3Guide (which was bought by e.thirteen) is similar, but it works with up to three rings and a bashguard.


  3. jrok says:

    I am running a modified e13 drs. The boys at Mojo had to use a little creativity with some spacing and an adapter but it works and looks beautifully! Get the SL and don’t look back…hands down the best all mountain bike I have ridden.

  4. Joel says:

    I was looking at my pitch pro, and it does have ISCG holes with hardware already in place. I’m not sure how much load they can take, but they’re definitely there. The spacing also looks very tight between the hardware and the granny gear, so we’ll see what I can do

  5. Rodney says:

    Enduro SL does have ISCG mounts, but the carbon version hasn’t. For a dual-ring setup get a Blackspire Stinger (ISCG version).

  6. Jason says:

    I’m riding an 08 Enduro SL Comp.
    It does have ISCG Brackets, and I have and I am running an e13 DRS… sort of.

    It does appear that the ISCG holes are a little warped since the screws do not sit flush with the guide plate but a little crooked. The screws sticking out a little bit would rub on the bolts for the granny ring when I had it in there.

    So therefore, until I get around to modifying the guide plate a little bit, (or shaving a tiny bit off the screw that rubs) I’m running an e13 DRS with 1 ring. Heh. I could go take some pictures if someone wants to see.

    I have heard of a few other people having the same problem with the ISCG mounts on a forum somewhere a while back.

    And lastly…pulling from Spesh’s website for their ’08 bikes…

    For the Carbon Enduro Frames:
    S-Works, Pro Carbon models
    “FRAME Enduro FACT 9m carbon front triangle, Az1 construction, M5 rear triangle, full cartridge bearing pivots, 150mm travel”

    for the Aluminum Enduro Frames:
    Pro, Comp models
    “FRAME Enduro M5 alloy, fully manipulated frame w/ ORE TT and DT, forged HT, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, ISCG mount adj. geometry, replaceable derailleur hanger, 150mm travel”

    And for the Pitches:
    All models
    “FRAME All new M4 Pitch frame, M4 tubing, double ORE downtube, DMD front derailleur mount, sealed cartridge bearing pivots, replaceable hanger, bolt on cable guides, 150mm travel”

    And so we have it, Only the Aluminum Enduro’s are spec’ed to have ISCG mounts. But I’d recommend sticking with a flange mounted chain guide.

  7. Danny says:

    Hey there!

    I ride a Pitch Pro, with stock med. rear derailler, bash guard and a tight chain, I don’t need a chain device. try it out… 😀

    Happy riding

  8. neilbarstow says:

    Hi Nate,
    About your SX Trail – v – Enduro SL quandary.

    The SX is a nice bike for sure, there have been a few versions, starting with the one that was just like the 05 Enduro but with a DHX coil (and the same frame angles), next came a slacker version [with a more upright seat tube too] and then the new curvy 09 one which looks very burly [just right for mr berrecloth]. Don’t think I missed out any versions!
    Anyhoo, after a few changes, I now have an 05 Enduro SWorks with some mods.
    I started with an Enduro SL SWorks [carbon], 2007, with the Specialized rear suspension and their F150 fork, it looked like a very burly bike, but even with big tyres it was quite firm – very much the long distance cross country bomber. I’m sure it was way better than me but I felt I needed more plush for added confidence on alpine trips.
    I rode an older Enduro (05) with a DHX air owned by a pal and I loved it, it sat into the berms so much better – much more grip it seemed and held the ground better. Before I actually changed bikes, I first tested a Fox 36 VAN fork on my Enduro SL and then also a Fox RP23 [fantastic shock] and it was transformed in 2 big steps in exactly the right direction for me. With both shock and fork changed, it rode very like the 05 Enduro with the air shock, but it was lighter. It was real nice. And you already have that bike, right. Biggest change I found was with the 36 VAN which I also tested with the stock rear shock – it seemed MUCH better to me than the Spec E150, and was actually a little lighter too. Nothing wrong with the E150, it’s a very well controlled fork, but it was not plush enough for me.
    Cut a long story short, I found a customer for the SL, bought an 05 SWorks Enduro off ebay and, eventually,looking for even more plush, I replaced the Air shock on it with a coil spring Marzocchi Rocco and I really really like it now. Far more burly and capable than my Enduro SL was. The guy at StendecSuspension in the UK who sold me the Rocco said he’d sold a few coil Roccos to Enduro SL users, wish I’d known about that option as my Enduro SL rig sure was lighter to lift out the car.

    So, you could go 2 ways,
    1: buy an SX of whatever vintage, or even the new one. It is said that both more recent models are not really trail bikes tho, they are quite hard to pedal uphill. Mine is fine uphill, even with the coil.
    Or 2: perhaps the more cost effective option is Fox suspension on the SL Fox 36 VAN front RP23 rear – or maybe even better – a Coil Rocco rear and Fox 36 VAN front, get the fork first, I think you might find that’s enough to satisfy your needs.

    It’s a long story, bikes always make for a few changes, right.

    Hope this helps you. You’re going thru the same thing I did. Be sure to get the right size for progressive riding, at 6’2″ with long legs, the Enduro 05 size L is about right for me. My Enduro SL was sized XL and always felt a bit too long on the front end [=front wheel light] even tho I changed to the shortest stem/ crown. That stem swop was another very positive modification, but with the VAN you’ll need a new stem anyway, go for a 50mm.

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