Enduro SL chain guide and related issues

Hi Lee:

I saw your thread about an Enduro SL with a prototype chain guide. I am considering buying this or the pitch but I have heard chatter about the ISCG mounts being useless and needing an adapter bracket. Is there validity to this? I am trying to stay more on the all mountain side of a big travel bike and stepping to the SX trail is asking for way too much bike. Just need a little direction in my quest for a xc capable AM bike. Thanks in advance!


Hey Nate,

As far as I know, Enduro SLs and Pitches do not have ISCG mounts. The SX Trail has ISCG mounts but, as you say, it’s a whole lot of bike.

Enduro SL with FOX suspension and prototype dual ring sweetness.

The prototype dual ring guide I run on my SL uses a flange mount, and it works just fine. (I’m currently working on the installation manual for that guide, and I think people will dig it.)

– When e.thirteen starts selling its version of the Heim 3Guide, it’s gonna be ON!

If you want an XC-oriented all-mountain ride, rock an Enduro SL or Pitch with a flange-mount chain guide.

Enduro SL vs. Pitch? That’s a matter of riding style and budget. The SL is more efficient than the Pitch. They both descend very well. The SL costs more. The Pitch is analogous to the pre-SL Enduro — in my opinion one of the best bikes ever made.

There are no bad choices here. Get a flange-mount guide.

Here is Jrock’s Enduro SL, referred to in his below comment:

Enduro SL with modified e13 drs

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