Purgatory vs. Ground Control on Stumpy 29?

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I am replacing my tires on the trusty Stumpy 29. Currently running a Purgatory 2.2 in the front and Ground Control 2.1 in the back. The back tire needs replacing, so, I bought another Purgatory, thinking I would try that on the back also. I like the Ground Control just fine. I do notice sometimes I lose the rear end on corners but never thought it was a problem or related to tire selection. My concern (not a big concern) is that running the Purgatory front and back will bring slower rolling resistance.



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You are describing the stock tires for Stumpy 29s. I’ve been running the same setup on my Stumpy 29 for a a couple months, and I’m liking it. The tires are pretty quick and grip fine in most trail situations.

I am, however, shredding the heck out of the rear tire. The Ground Control is intricately shaped and siped, and those little shapes don’t hold up as well as big blocks (but they sure do grip, especially in hard places).

• Yes, I think a Purg 2.2 will roll more slowly than a GC 2.1. You have plenty of power. Don’t sweat it.

• I think the Purg 2.2 will last longer in the rear than the 2.1 GC. The Purg’s treads are bigger/blockier and less susceptible to shreddage. The Purg’s big knobs might also find more grip in soft/loose corners.

• The new Ground Control is a pretty great all-around tire. Pretty fast and plenty grippy. I could see running GCs front and rear. Two 2.3s or a 2.3 front/2.1 rear.

• News flash: The new 2013 Purgatory comes in 2.3, and its tread has been optimized for faster rolling. It will be the new stock tire on Stumpies. Definitely worth a try.

For now, ride what you have. Set big angles and let the Purg’s knobs do their thing.

— Lee

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