Why no moto?

Lee – I’ve seen from your site that you used to spend some time on the dark side. So, no more moto for you? Is that a function of personal choice, or just not having a dirtbike to ride?

Hey Ken,


For a while there I was riding a lot of moto, both on the trail and the track.

Refining the corner fu on my Honda CRF240X.

Check out: https://www.leelikesbikes.com/category/moto

I see moto as the ultimate expression of two-wheeled badassery and, as such, a great laboratory for bike kung fu. There’s no better way to program your brain for speed or subject your body to an extended beating (no wonder most top DH racers train on moto). Plus it’s super freaking fun.

Just like riding a mountain bike on singletrack, only faster — and for a whole tankful.

When I got a family, I no longer had time for epic adventures and fragmented priorities, and so my moto time slowed then stopped. I love riding moto, but bikes are my job. I sold the CRF205R, then the CRF450X, and now I focus on bicycles.


The babies are getting older, and Alex Willie (aka Young Skywalker, junior national DH champion!) is looking to step up his DH game. I’m thinking about getting back onto the beast, but it’s hard to justify the cost and time.

Will coach for a moto* …

— Lee

Super PRO downhill shuttle service at Left Hand Canyon. Hmm. … how many shuttles would it take to buy a new 250 trail bike?

*The best way to ride more moto is to become an MX family. Roll up in the Sprinter with bikes for me, The Wife and The Bugs … That’s winter. During summer my twin girls will be winning beauty pageants and crushing BMX races!

Know more. Have more fun!

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