Pumping an S section

We shot this little video during a coaching session today. Super fun!

Re-posted with a new .mov file. Let’s hope this one works!

Place: The Fix pump track, Boulder, CO

Rider: Me, Lee

Bike: The Mighty P.3 with FOX F100 fork, GAMUT guide, Hayes brakes and snazzy Geax white walls. It’s all about the white walls.

Skills used: Vision, position, range of motion (lateral, vertical, longitudinal and rotational), timing, power, cornering and pump. Basically everything.

Sections like this are super fun, and they teach you a ton. Master these dynamics on a pump track, then rock them on trail!

Less than 1MB Quicktime:

Go frame by frame for hot pump track action.

Thanks to Jon Pool of Michigan — a good pupil and an excellent fellow — for driving the camera.

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