Apples and oranges: Mavic 823 vs. Syncros DS28 rims


I am looking to build a new wheel set for my Demo 7. I have narrowed the rims down to Syncros DS28 and Mavic 823. Do you have any input regarding either of these? I am trying to stay on the lite side.


First, Mavic 823s are excellent rims. I have no experience with the Syncros DS28.

Second, these rims are not exactly comparable.

– The 823 is about 100 grams heavier (but by no means heavy). The 823 is a full-on, no BS downhill rim. The DS28 is marketed for light freeride/all mountain riding. Different animals. (But I’ve run 823s on many an Enduro.)

– Judging by the names, the DS28 should be 5mm wider than the 823, but who knows. Extra width helps with huge tires, but a 2.5 works great with a 23mm rim.

– The 823 is UST compatible.

– IMO, the 823 is much more rim. Probably much more money, but much more rim.

I don’t think you should be deciding between these rims. You should be deciding how light, wide and tubeless you want to be, then decide among comparable products.

– If you want non-UST, consider the Sun Equalizer. It comes in 23, 27, 29 and 31 mm widths. I have the 27 on my Stumpy, and it rocks.

Still rolling a set of Mavic D521s …

— Lee

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