Apples and oranges: Mavic 823 vs. Syncros DS28 rims


I am looking to build a new wheel set for my Demo 7. I have narrowed the rims down to Syncros DS28 and Mavic 823. Do you have any input regarding either of these? I am trying to stay on the lite side.


First, Mavic 823s are excellent rims. I have no experience with the Syncros DS28.

Second, these rims are not exactly comparable.

– The 823 is about 100 grams heavier (but by no means heavy). The 823 is a full-on, no BS downhill rim. The DS28 is marketed for light freeride/all mountain riding. Different animals. (But I’ve run 823s on many an Enduro.)

– Judging by the names, the DS28 should be 5mm wider than the 823, but who knows. Extra width helps with huge tires, but a 2.5 works great with a 23mm rim.

– The 823 is UST compatible.

– IMO, the 823 is much more rim. Probably much more money, but much more rim.

I don’t think you should be deciding between these rims. You should be deciding how light, wide and tubeless you want to be, then decide among comparable products.

– If you want non-UST, consider the Sun Equalizer. It comes in 23, 27, 29 and 31 mm widths. I have the 27 on my Stumpy, and it rocks.

Still rolling a set of Mavic D521s …

— Lee

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  1. Chris says:

    I had a complete disaster with ds28’s. The rim completely came apart. I would go near them even if you paid me. The 823’s on the otherhand are awesome. Still straight after three years on my Brooklyn Machine Works Racelink. Just came back from racing at Fort William (the world cup course in Scotland, regarded as one of the biggest bike killers) 20 runs over three days…still straight. I can’t see past them to be honest

  2. berkland says:

    hey lee,

    the 8″23″mm refers to the inner diameter…. the 823 itself is actually a much wider rim when you go by “industry standards”. My buddy has the DS28 and I have 823’s, you are right about the 823 being MUCH more rim. DS28 is cool for its purpose (freeride, light DH) and he likes them, but the 823’s can absolutely destroy a course without flinching.

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