Pump track sustainability

hi Lee, i purchased the ebook Welcome to Pump Track Nation a while back and am now scripting a proposal for our local parks. one concern is of course sustainability. i know that tracks treat their dirt with something to harden it up. do you know that is and have you used it?
thanks, john

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A beautiful track built by Mozaic Landscape Design in Norcal.

Hey John,

A lot of tracks use magnesium chloride. I have not applied it myself, but I’ve seen it in action at Keith Darner’s ranch. It makes the dirt very hard-packed.

You still need maintenance. Be sure your proposal includes a plan for volunteer upkeep.


– It all starts with good, clean, homogenous dirt. Clay loam is awesome. The dialed track in the photo uses compacted base rock fines.

– Make sure your track drains well. Drainage should be an integral part of the track design.

– Make sure you have access to water. The ultimate track includes sprinklers.

– Rock the three P’s — Planning, Prep and Packing. The more of these you do, the longer your track will last.

– More details in Welcome to Pump Track Nation.

Good luck,

— Lee

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