Love in Leadville: Lake County Bike Park

With bike parks sprouting up in cities everywhere, we live in a wonderful time. Check out this gem in Leadville, CO.

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Lee. Just thought I should get some pictures up on your site before season’s end. So here are some pictures of the Lake County Bike Park. It’s a work in progress but a hoot to ride. We just got done writing a grant application to get some big bucks for it. We have our fingers crossed. You’ll have to come up and ride with us some time. We’ll have a Pump Track race here next year. It will be great.

Thanks for your hard work, let me know if you need any help from up here in the Ville.

– Sterling

PS. We’re working on a downhill and dual slalom race this winter (in addition to our xc races) at our local mountain Ski Cooper. I’ll keep you posted.

Check it out: 500 W. 4th Street, Leadville CO