I have thread in my gums!

I got some rockin’ gum surgery this past Thursday, and so far so good. I took a Percocet a few hours ago, so forgive the syntax. Of note:

The more you click, the more I can post. Lee Likes Groceries dot com!

– I took a Halcyon an hour before the procedure, supposedly to calm me down. According to The Wife, I was running around the office like a spaz: Jogging laps around the waiting room, grabbing her butt on each pass. Whoo hoo! Lee Has Nervous Energy Dot Com!

– Doctor Rogers was awesome. Super friendly and patient. I think I was trying his patience. Who asks to pee halfway through surgery? Anyone who has travelled with me knows: Me.

– The numbing shots were gnarly! Yeah, those are big needles, and yeah they’re in my mouth.

– After everything got numb, it was a matter of hearing the ripping/tearing noises and pretending I was somewhere else. La la, sweet Santa Cruz singletrack …

– Surreal: The sound, feel and sight of thread being pulled the inside of your mouth and tied into lots of neat little knots. Yeah, inside your mouth.

– Trying not to think about the fact: The doctor cut chunks from my upper palate, sliced my lower gums away from my teeth to create pockets, then sewed the chunks into the pockets. I opened my eyes once during the procedure to see a little chunk of gleaming red flesh returning to my mouth. La la, sweet singletrack …

– I’ve had no pain, which is great. I just stopped the Percocet (I like that stuff too much), and I’m continuing the Vitamin IB. Fingers crossed.

– Apple sauce and mushed bananas are really tasty — for about three days! This boy is ready for some crispy-crust pizza. Almost two weeks to go …

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