Pump: 100 laps never felt so good

I’m enjoying the fruits of a life lived with intention and love, but .. dangit … I miss my old pump track. That was the true casualty of my divorce.

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Junior Pump Track Worlds at my old pad.

I loved sessioning the figure eight with my friends and The Fix monkeys, having BBQs and just digging the sweet lifestyle. But I really loved my solo endurance adventures. On busy days I’d go out and do 10 laps one direction, switch lead foot, do 10 laps the other direction, repeat for 100 laps. Such a great workout, and an effective way to quiet the demons.

Yesterday after coaching at The Fix, I found myself alone with an empty pump track. Counterclockwise, left foot in front, x 10. This feels easy and fast. Stop, check heart rate, switch: Clockwise, right foot in front, x 10. This feels kinda awkward. Repeat for 100 laps, getting smoother and more relaxed as I go. By the end, both directions feel great: easy, flowy, fluid.

Total time: 41 minutes

Riding time: 35 minutes

Average heart rate: about 150 bpm, about 80% of my theoretical max, nice and aerobic

Today I feel a bit tired but loose: legs, hips, core, chest, back, shoulders, arms, brain, soul. What a treat, to lose myself for a while.

BTW: My wife and step-kids and I live in the foothills above Boulder on 1.5 acres. We’re trying to buy the house, and once that’s set … Pump Track Nation!

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