Pre-Olympic rippage

I’m showing this photo from last week’s test race on the Olympic XC course because it is so rad.

Let’s discuss: caption info:

Olympic air

Catherine Pendrel (CAN) and Georgia Gould (USA) take different lines through the rocks above the start/finish. Photo: Robin Wilmott

Photo from by Robin Wilmott.

How rad is this? Let us count the ways

1) Significant rock section on the Olympic XC course. Multiple options and potentially heroic — dare I say Olympian? — passing opportunities.

2) Note the difference between full-on braaap vision and sorta tentative vision.

3) Gould is a bit too far forward. The strain on her arms shows her lack of balance, and you know that’s contributing to an overall sense of “uh oh,” which does not help her look to victory. I’m no Olympic contender, but I would coach her to rock back onto her pedals. Light hands, heavy feet!

4) Pendrel’s position is dialed! Low, balanced on her feet, extending into the downslope. Perfect.

5) This DH line is being rallied on a 20-lb XC race bike with a long cockpit and high seat — probably above red line. Skill is skill.

What do you’all think?


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6 replies
  1. Robyn@VintageRedline says:

    I see two super positive aspects-

    Gould’s back is flat as a pancake, a position that I could never actually achieve without ripping out my hamstrings. I think/feel like I have a flat back, but it is 45 degrees at best. She is awesome.

    Pendrel has already spotted the landing and is now visually way down the trail. That is especially impressive given the gnarl of the section. And the gnarl of that high saddle. She is also awesome.

    Indeed a great pic!

  2. Stan says:

    It should come as no surprise that Catharine (two a’s…) is from BC. BC girls know how to ride!

  3. Scott says:

    Maybe it’s an illusion, but Pendrel’s tires look burlier than normal for cross country racing. Great photo!

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