Help, there’s gravel on my pump track


The local pump track here was built with bad dirt and it has a lot of gravel in it. As the dirt erodes away the track fills up with gravel and it becomes tough to ride. Do you have any advice on how to help this situation? I have thought about taking a push broom and trying to sweep the gravel off. Please let me know.


Hey Travis,

Building a pump track with bad dirt can save money at first, but it makes the build more difficult, and it creates a long-term maintenance issue.

But it sure is better to have a track with bad dirt than no track at all — so you have have to work with what you have.

Yes, sweep the gravel off the track.

If you can:

• Sweep the loose stuff off the track.

• Separate the gravel from the dirt.

• Water the track.

• Sweep the loose dirt back onto the track.

• Moisten it.

• Wait until it’s no longer tacky.

• Ride it in.



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