Practice makes perfect: Even for pros

Check out this fun cornering session with elite CX racer Brandon Dwight.

Brandon is already a great rider. (He’s the 2012 national masters CX champ and placed 2nd at Worlds.)

He’s even better now.

Brandon’s blog post:

Brandon said: “My session with Lee was less than an hour, but I took home several very valuable tips that have already translated into faster cornering on my cyclocross bike. Not to mention my pump track mojo went up a couple notches, too!”

Photos by

Talkin’ philosophy with the classic Boulder backdrop.

Balance like this …

Brandon, who came to Colorado as a ski racer, knows about creating angles and setting edges. Check out those tea party fingers.

Like this?

Yep! Nice work Brandon!

Ride with more confidence and speed in all situations — even if you’re already PRO: Skills clinics with Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Dan says:

    Is it really wise to extend that arm straight to lean the bike? I only lean when I have a lot of speed. For most turns, I simply move my outside elbow forward, while maintaining my belt elbow attack position, and steer with my hips (moving them with a similar motion as if I were steering the bikes without hands). I don’t even bother with the outside leg down anymore honestly, since I want my legs to be bent too–I just tuck to get weight low.


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