Parental shuttle runs

It’s all about coaching, comfort and classic rock.

I’ve been coaching Matt twice a month since the beginning of December. Last summer he raced Jr. Beginner, and in the past few months his riding has exploded: His fundamentals are getting strong, he’s become a dirt jumping fool, and he’s more confident in general. What a treat to help him along this path.

We’ve been drilling the basics in parking lots, pump tracks and dirt jumps. Yesterday was our first day on trail, and Matt’s parents Rip and Linda drove shuttle in their new mega-truck. It was so sweet — sitting on the leather back seat, feeling that downhill stoke, listening to classic rock on the satellite radio.

James Taylor came on.

Me: “I don’t know how you guys will take this, but sitting back here, being driven around and hearing this song reminds me of my mom’s back seat — back in like 1978.”

Rip: “If you kids don’t shut up, I’ll stop this car right now.”

Right. So quiet we were, and we had a superfun training session.

Photos by Rip and Linda

We hiked up the trail to warm up and check the lines. That’s me rocking the male pattern baldness.

Ready to go. Matt’s first day on his V10. My 1,000th day on the Mighty Enduro.

Matt rides his bike — it no longer rides him.

Hey man, it’s for the kids.

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