On the road and rockin’

Sorry I’ve been out of communication. The past week has been good but busy. Good. Busy.

– Riding in Santa Cruz
– Clinics in the Bay Area
– Camping/swimming at El Capitan State Beach (near Santa Barbara)
– Clinics and riding in Fontana (in SoCal)
– Meeting/lunch at Oakley
– I’m now in Prescott, AZ visiting Curtis Keene at his new home. Tomorrow we ride moto all over these here mountains.
– Rufus my three-legged Labrador retriever is LOVING it!

Full stories and photos when I get home later this week.


— Lee

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  1. matt says:

    nice, next time could you post on here if u are doing clinics in the bay area i would have liked to gone, im guessing it was a china camp? also are u going to be at sea otter this year, cus im going to be doing my first downhill race then and was wondering if i could do a clinic before had.



  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Sure. On this trip my sched got filled without telling anyone I was going. I’ll be aout there again before and at Sea Otter. I’ll post …

  3. The Mere Mortals gang says:

    Thanks for doing the clinic for us! We all got a lot out of it, and drop me an email once yer back so I can send you pictures!

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