NSMB.com reviews MMBS

Mike Wallace over at nsmb.com just wrote a review of the highly aclaimed book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills, by Brian Lopes and me, Lee McCormack. He has an interesting perspective, and (of course) he likes the book.

Read the review on nsmb.com

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  1. Matt says:

    I saw the review today….what took them so long. Glad to see people are still discovering it. Any possibility of a movie?

    Congrats! And keep the info and reviews coming.

  2. Carl Boddy says:

    Yeh Matt great idea……….I mentioned that to Lee to when I first wrote in. Imagine how good an instructional DVD would be in as much detail as the book….maybe even more detail cos it’s on DVD format and including the ‘Trouble Shooting’ idea used in the book!!! Although where Lee would get the time to do it…..I don’t know !!!!!

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