Off to Worlds

Stoked: Two of my friends and pupils made the U.S. Worlds team for downhill!

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Lisa Myklak, who placed 2nd overall in the NORBA national series, will rock women’s downhill. Joey Schusler, who leads the Mountain States Cup, is the only 17-year-old on the junior team. Both riders have been working hard, and they deserve this.

Lisa and Joey are both Boulderites. They’ll be in Fort William, Scotland Sept. 3-9. Let’s send ’em positive vibes.

Attack position … light hands …

Lisa works the basics in a local parking lot. Wax on, wax off …

Joey shreds Left Hand Canyon on a team outing.
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  1. Nick says:

    Let’s not forget about the rest of the Boulder crew going, TJ, Neven, and Jess! Then you have the rest of the Colorado folks, Ross and Cole. Way to represent Colorado! Apparently its a fast state, congrats to all of you

  2. scott says:

    Don’t forget the Durango crew as well. Colorado did well! Nine out of the 30 selections. Now we just need a Jr. World championship…are you listening Joey? Best of luck to everyone selected for the team, have fun!

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    “Joey Schusler, the No. 1 qualifier is, on course. He needs a perfect run to take this one. Here he comes — wow, look at that pump — he’s really ripping. He looks so relaxed … but he’s fully pinned!!! … Look at this kid!!! … He powers across the line … and … Joey Schusler is your new Jr. world downhill champion!!!!”


  4. leelikesbikes says:

    “Lisa Myklak is having an outstanding season. She qualified first today, but the final is another story. Melissa Buhl is on the hot seat, and you know she’s freaking out right now. Lisa has been getting closer and closer all season… OK, here she is … — whoa — she’s on a great time … dang, she’s ripping those turns, look at that power. And through the finish … she looks at the board, look at that smile — she’s the world champion!!!”

  5. stikman says:

    Cool for Lisa, my chick met her in whistler and raced with her and had nothing but great things to say about Lisa Myklak. She seems like a very cool chick with the skills.


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