New! – F6: Six moves to build your foundation

I am super stoked to announce:

F6: Six moves to build your foundation

An off-bike training program to help you:

• Ride with more control and power

• Get stronger in 10-30 minutes per session, with minimal equipment

By Lee McCormack
With Erin Carson : RallySport Health and Fitness, Boulder, CO

Learn more and get your copy >>

• Ebook: $15 for password protected PDF

• Print book: $22 plus shipping

• 8.5×11 inches

• 29 pages with lots of photos

• Demo videos: Password protected on Vimeo

• Mobile friendly: Quick start guide and demo videos look great on phones

Each exercise gets photo treatment plus video demos.

Get your copy! F6: six moves to build your foundation

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  1. John A. says:

    Another great book Lee!!! Downloaded it, took it to the gym on my lunch hour and figured out the moves in about 30 minutes. Not to say I’ve mastered them in fact I can’t stay in balance for a couple of the exercises. Humbling enough with zero weight in hand – that 75 pounder on the cover…THAT is Kung Fu territory.


  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Right on John, thanks!

    One of the F6 testers, Nick, is a badass hockey player/moto guy who is over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. He was using 10 pounds for the F6, and he said it was super challenging.

    Balance, stability and range. Then strength!

  3. Jan F. says:

    Downloaded the programme about a week ago and have been doing the exercises at least 1round per day. Super fast, fun and do-able almost anywhere(this week in a hotel room in Italy for example). I definately feel an improvement in balance already! Can’t wait to hit the trails this weekend! Great book, still learning the moves though… Greetings from Bavaria

  4. JimV says:

    Right on! I was at the pump track last night and suddenly found my feet. Effortlessly jumping the rollers for the first time. Is it the F6, or just coincidence?


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