New dad: Should I rock the pump?


I’m a 40 year old father of a two-week-old girl. I haven’t been on a dirt jump / pump track since I was 14. Now that you’ve built the new Lyons funhouse, I’m thinking about a steel P.1 for sale in Boulder. It’s $500 and in good shape. I think you know the bloak selling it.

1) Should I drop the $500 (in light of my recent fatherhood/life changes)?
2) Why?

Thanks (for your advice and for your work in Lyons!)


Hey Dave,

Awesome question, especially in the new-dad context.

Assuming you have the financial means and spousal support, yeah man, go for it.

Some reasons:

– A $500 P.1 is one of the best deals in mountain biking. Unparalleled dollar-to-fun ratio. Readily accepts a baby trailer.

– With your new baby, you won’t have a ton of time (or perhaps inclination) to escape on long XC adventures. Playing in a park like Lyons is like taking the highlights of an XC ride and boiling them down to one acre and 30 minutes.

– Training for XC fitness requires time and energy you won’t have. Shift your focus to skills. Riding pump tracks and safely built jumps, especially on a sweet DJ hardtail, is the fast track to skills enhancement. And you know what else? Fitness is transitory. Skills are forever.

– You can still stay in great bike shape. Try 100 laps on the pump track. Probably the most inclusive bike-specific workout you can do. Add some sprints and short hill intervals, and you’ll be ready for anything.

– Pump tracks are the new horseshoes. (That’s a Mark Weirism.) Everyone is in one spot, hanging out together. At the Lyons Bike Park I see lots of dads with their families. You read it here first: Pump tracks will save the American family.

BTW: I propose a Daddy Loves Pumptracks co-op. We all meet at the park and take turns riding and watching kids. Pin it for a minute, watch kids for three minutes, repeat!

– It will be at least a decade (if ever) until your girl wants to crank out long road and XC rides. But chances are she’ll be ripping the pump track in just a few years. Kids are all about the play-based riding. What a fun, healthy activity — and one you can do together! She might progress into BMX or mountain biking — or not. Either way, you two can enjoy riding together.

And let’s not forget: This will be really fun. Go for it!

— Lee

BTW: The Twins are at 22 weeks and already so fully pinned it’s hard to get ultrasounds. Mini braaap braaap!!!

Know more. Have more fun!

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