Urban pump track — inadvertent style

A great reason to visit this Jaguar dealer.

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  1. dylan says:

    Was waitin 4 a pumptrack post to ask dis question. What is the avg linear footage of a pumptrack?

    The one I have built is about 203’ft, or 29 revolutions of my front tire.

    And yes Jaguar has me sold!

    And to the question above, I believe it says on the actual youtube page.

  2. Rob says:

    Sweet. All sidewalks should be built this way. I’d love to try and pump all the way to work!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Oh man, I can see it now (done in the spirit of motor city street drags, queue the announcer voice here)

    Friday night side-by-side pump track drags – Put it on the line – winner takes home the losers ride 🙂

    That thing is sweet! I used to live down that way too.


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