My buddy has this RP3 …


A friend has a RP3 with an eye to eye of 7.875″ and a stroke of 2.25″. Will this work on a 2003 Specialized Enduro Expert?????



Hey Brian,

Yes, that shock will fit on your Mighty Enduro. Consider:

The eye-to-eye is a bit longer than stock, which will raise the bottom bracket and steepen your geometry. You can mitigate this effect by putting the link in the slack position.

The shock will not be valved for that bike. It might work great, or it might be way off. Unless you’re a suspension tai chi master, you won’t be able to pinpoint the problem; the bike might feel a bit weird — or you might not notice the difference. There’s always custom tuning: PUSH | Dirt Labs

What’s up with your stock shock? If it’s not working right, or you want higher performance, get it serviced and tuned. I’ve had some shocks PUSHed, and the improvement was dramatic. Another option: A new, tuned shock in the stock dimensions. Call PUSH.

The people at Specialized and FOX are pretty smart, and I prefer not to mess with their kung fu. That said, my 2003 S-Works Enduro had a shorter-than-stock RP3 — but I got it directly from FOX, specifically for that bike.

Rocking the mightily awesome 2003 S-Works Enduro. It had a shorter shock to slacken the geometry. Current bikes are this slack (or slacker) out of the box.

Technique note: See how the rear tire is drifting, but the fork is compressed and the front tire is planted? That was a good moment!

Keep us updated in the comments below. Have fun!

— Lee

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