More books?

Hey Lee,

What about you writing a biography on Brian Lopes? And where’s that BMX book?


I’ve actually pitched BL on a biography. He’s at that stage in his career, and he’s certainly an interesting character. I think it would a great read: a study on the personality of a real competitor. But that won’t happen any time soon. Maybe when he stops winning … when he’s like 80 …

The BMX book … grr. It’s all written and almost all photographed, and I’ve laid out the first chapter. Pro BMX Skills is going to be AWESOME, but I’m buried by other work — the kind that pay this month’s bills.

ALSO: Lopes and I are starting the second edition of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills. That manuscript is due in spring.

Too many cool projects, not enough time. I suppose that’s a good problem to have.

— Lee