My bike shop says I need a 110mm stem

Jaison, a tall skills client from NorCal, is looking for a new bike. He’s been riding a large Santa Cruz Superlight, which looked short to me. He wants an Ibis Mojo SL. His LBS wants him to buy a large frame (which they have in stock) and a 110mm stem. He asked me about that.

Now that’s a trail bike: Medium Stumpjumper with a 70mm stem. My previous Stumpy had a 90. This climbs just as well and braaaps better. Captain America and Mighty Enduro have 50s because they are braaap-optimized.


The Mojo SL is a great bike. I rode a client’s the other day. Freaking awesome. All of the Ibisis (Ibi?) feel incredible.

You DO NOT want to ride a 110mm stem. From a handling perspective, you don’t want to go longer than 90mm. It’s way better to rock a longer top tube and a shorter stem.

The XL Mojo SL is 20mm longer than the L. If the bike shop guy is right about your fit, you can rock an XL with a 90mm and be stoked. If I fit you on your bike, you’ll probably end up with a 70 or a 50.

Sounds like the XL Mojo SL will be a good choice. But a Stumpy would be radder. 🙂



PS: I’m excited to ride with you in September. (He and his buddies are coming to Colorado for a week of braaapage). Any stem longer than 90mm will be trimmed with a hacksaw.

Know more. Have more fun!

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