MMBSii is a great book (I think)

Hi Lee,

An amazing book you’ve written… I think. I made the mistake of buying the e-book version. What a waste of money. Adobe Digital Editions is some of, if not the worst piece of software I’ve used – completely unusable. I’ll presume that it’s not some nefarious plan by your publishers to upsell people to a printed copy, and that you and or your publishers genuinely want to make it easy for people to access the book … Please don’t force users to use Adobe’s Digital Editions (for the love of all that is humane in this world!).

Having fought with Digital Editions for two days, I give up; I’ll fork over more of my hard earned cash again for a printed copy of your book – because it truly looks worth the extra expense (from what little I’ve managed to see so far).

Kind regards,

Ben Wiles

Hey Ben,

Sorry man.

The MMBSii publisher uses Adobe Digital Editions for its ebooks. Editions provides the best security for the publisher, but it’s super expensive, and it’s a pain in the ass for readers. I bought an e-MMBSii as well, and — man — the print version is better.

Ebooks are tough. The solutions that protect publishers suck for readers, and the solutions that favor readers suck for publishers.

I use a standard pdf for Pump Track Nation. It’s super convenient for readers, but, for every book that gets purchased, 3-5 get stolen. That sucks for me.

For Pro BMX Skills I use a compromise system that costs way less than Digital Editions and lets readers view the book in standard Web browsers. Security is not as tight as Digital Editions, and readers can’t use iPods/iPads, but that’s the best compromise I’ve found. When people buy e-PBSes and want the print version (which happens all the time), I give them a discount on the upgrade.

Thanks for buying MMBSii. If you order the print version from me, I’ll give you a break.

– Lee

PS: I have no control over the MMBSii ebook. The publisher runs that show.

Know more. Have more fun!

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