Minion DHF vs. Butcher


Do you prefer the Maxxis Minion DHF over the Specialized Butcher when it comes to dry, roots, pine needles? This is for 29×2.6 on the new Specialized Levo Expert 2019 model that just came out. (I remember you had a 2012 Expert Stumpjumper just like mine.)

I want to keep the weight of the new LEVO low and the Butcher weight is about 200 grams per tire lighter than the Minion. I like the Maxxis High Rollers better than the Specialized tires I tried. Is Maxxis worth the the weight from Butcher to Minion?


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Thanks for reaching out.

The Minion and Butcher are both excellent all-around shred tires. I’ve spent a lot of time on both models, in a variety of sizes, compounds and casings. Right now my Fuse has a 27.5×2.6 DHF on the front, and my Enduro has 29×2.6 Butchers front and rear.

My opinion:

The Butcher has more ultimate grip. I think that’s because the tread pattern is more open, and the side knobs are more exposed.

The Minion might roll a bit faster, and it feels more mellow and consistent from edge to edge — especially on hardpack.

Neither is better. They are different. For dry, loose conditions the Butcher might be more grippy. The fact it comes on your new bike makes it even better.

Ride the stock Butchers.

I’m sure other folks have opinions.


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