Marzocchi 66RCX2 or FOX 36 Van RC2?

For a 2006 Enduro SX Trail. Both good forks — it’s a question of taste.

Hey Lee,

Great site.

Got a quick question.

I have an 06 SX Trail II frame and custom build on order…should get it tomorrow.

I have gone for an Marzocchi 66RCX2 fork as this was well priced, should work well with the frame and take abuse.

Lately though I have been wondering if I should have gone for the Fox 36 VAN R or RC2 and pay more. To reduce weight mostly.

Do you think the extra cost of the Fox is worth the investment?

Oh, this is mostly for shore, FR and little DH…maybe a bit of urban assault.



Hey Mark.

Those are both great forks. It’s really a matter of taste:

FOX – lighter, RC2 damper is crazy tunable, new bottom-out control better than original

MARZOCCHI – bombproof, tunable spring rate with oil height, not quite as refined but damn good

Stop obsessing and start riding that thing. You can’t go wrong.

OH: In order of importance: 1. set your sag. 2. set your rebound. 3. make sure your front and rear are balanced. OK, now go rip!

— Lee

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