Marzocchi 55 or 66 for SX Trail?


Your articles are always spot on. Thanks for all the informative info and advice.

I have a 2007 SX Trail. I am debating between the 2009 Marzocchi 55 ATA or the 2009 66 ATA. This bike is my only bike and I do everything from long XC rides, DJ, DH and FR. I have worked my way up to 20-25ft gaps and 6ft + drops. The problem is I like to do everything on this bike. It kicks arse. I know that I must compromise. So what do you think is the best compromise between these two forks. Thanks.


Hey Christian,

It sounds like you like to go big, and that you don’t want to feel limited by your equipment.

First a little review:

55 ATA – 120-160mm, rated for all mountain and light freeride

66 ATA – 140-180mm, rated for downhill and extreme freeride

While a 55 ATA won’t exactly hold you back, the 66 ATA will slacken your geometry, make your bike more capable and increase your confidence. If you want steeper geometry for climbing or more stiffness for dirt jumping, you can always drop the travel from 180mm to 140mm.

Get the bigger fork.

— Lee

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